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Goodbye Bay Area…

My time here in Half Moon Bay is at an end. My accident has laid me up even more than usual & I am unable to do anything of use here. I’ve got most of my things packed up & ready to say “goodbye” to this place. My plan is to go to southern California, out to Arizona, New Mexico, up to Utah & Nevada, over to Idaho, then back to Washington (maybe down to Oregon). If all goes well, on Monday I will take the possession of a 28′ Class C RV & be on my way; Pick up the critters & my stuff & fill ‘er up!

I can sit for about 45 minutes to an hour before the pain becomes unbearable, so I’ll be slowly working my way around. I will be out of touch for most of the time. I will try to check email twice a month, and try to get mail forwarded once a month. You can use the Contact Me page if you don’t have my email or address. I will not be doing any sort of work/hobby (Arduino or Coding) due to weight limits in the RV. Wish me luck, it’s a new chapter and a new adventure!

DIY Antenna Analyzer

see here: http://www.360workbench.com This is a DIY, Arduino based, Antenna analyzer.   I have ordered 3 boards, I only need 1; so I am selling the other 2 (including the germanium diodes; rest of parts are available from digikey, see http://www.360workbench.com/ site.  Contact me if interested. Continue Reading

2017 update.

Due to health reasons, we are (sadly) moving back to California to be with family for support. I remain happy to help with whatever I can, but please be aware my priorities are not your priorities.   Contact me if need anything, worse case is I let you know I can’t help; best case is… Continue Reading