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Personal projects that I am working on

IR with AnalysIR

AnalysIR is a small company of (from what I can tell) 2 or 3 developers, who develop both software & hardware.  Very helpful folks, they are in it for the love of it, which shows thru in their products & support.

I stumbled upon them when I needed a way to understand what was going on with some infra-red remotes, and have found their software to be invaluable.  It continues to grow with new features being added w/o ‘bloating’ or slowing down the core program.  (Mac & Linux users: The only downside is it is Windows only. I don’t know if it runs w/in Wine or a virtual machine, but I don’t see why it shouldn’t/couldn’t).  There is a demo version, and all licenses are very affordable.  It really will pay for itself, even if all you need is to confirm your remote is working.

They are making their own “LearnIR” hardware  (kits & devices).   I have replaced my “IRToy” with a pre-release of AnalysIR’s “IR Shield”.  Much nicer, and (more importantly) fully supported.

Their website has “announcement (…) Q4 2014” — I’m not sure when they’ll be released, so keep your eyes open.  I think they may do another kickstarter campaign for initial production of them.  I plan on purchasing their kits, if for nothing else, to use them, well, to learn from.  (the only one I have a current want for is their RepeatIR — details on their website).

Their support is awesome, fast shipping. If you’re mucking with IR, you need AnalysIR!