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** IMPORTANT: Contacting Josh


I have a new email, physical address, and phone number. The old email & phone will not “bounce”; but I will not pick up messages left there. Mailing has a forward in, but only for personal mail (nothing addressed to “jassing consulting” will be forwarded)

If you do not have the new phone, address, or email; or just aren’t sure if you do: The best way to contact me is via the link to my contact page.

WTF: i1bhteuo=axc|ff

About a year ago, in the upper left corner, “i1bhteuo=axc|ff” appeared.  this string doesn’t exist anywhere in the site (files, database, etc). I have checked encoded & plain text strings.  I have been unable to trace it down; and it followed me when I switched hosting providers… As near as I can tell, it must… Continue Reading

Kickstarter Love afair is over

I was a big fan of Kickstarter.  I tried some other (Indiegogo), but never got anywhere worthwhile. I had fun feeling like I helped bring something to market — but that’s really all you’re doing — You aren’t really “backing” a project, you’re helping by pre-ordering something.  Unless you are the rare virtuous people that… Continue Reading

IR with AnalysIR

AnalysIR is a small company of (from what I can tell) 2 or 3 developers, who develop both software & hardware.  Very helpful folks, they are in it for the love of it, which shows thru in their products & support. I stumbled upon them when I needed a way to understand what was going… Continue Reading