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Arduino Projects

Recently, while working on getting a 2001 gauge/cluster to work on a 1998 gsxr; I was introduced to Arduino & Teensy boards.  While I didn’t use either to get the gauge to work; it got me started playing with Arduino out of curiosity.

I am hooked; I am working on several real world projects, and I’ll outline them here.  If you have a need for something, feel free to ask me!  I’ll break out projects into individual pages as needed.

Project 1: This started as an offshoot of the gauge/cluster project.  It’s sort of a “kitchen sink” to find out what works and what doesn’t.   Currently fairly generic, but testing is being done on 1998 GSXR 750 track bike.  Likely a trimmed down version will be offered, or schematics & code.  I could be talked into doing it “ala carte” where you pick features you want and put it together for you.

  1. Auto-adjusting the speedometer based on GPS speed (no need to use a speedohealer or yellowbox) — Once a correction calculation is made, it will be used to “correct” the speedometer signal if the gps signal is lost.
  2. Radar out the rear to alert you if a car is rapidly approaching your rear — good for stop lights, the most dangerous time for us.
  3. Distance sensors to the right/left — a warning to let you know if the side is clear for lane change, this can help “clear out” the blind spots.
  4. Quarter mile and 0-60 runs, including top speed, top RPM, times, and G-force.
  5. Using GPS (and optional stationary radio) will automatically record track lap times.  (Those familiar with the HealTech multidisplay will like this: no hitting a button to record your laptime!)
  6. The Weather: Temp, humidity, pressure.  Also detects nearby lightning strikes.  If the temp drops to freezing a warning will pop up; as will lightning.   UV readings will appear to let you know if you should park in the shade or not (good for us that are thinning on top)
  7. Engine Temp, road temp, exhaust temp, not vital, but good info to know.
  8. RPM red-light (user settable)
  9. Very smart TRE: leaves timing retard in place while in 1st gear AND at speeds below 10 mph AND with throttle position < 10% (ie: creeping along off a ferry ramp)  otherwise, it’ll be removed.
  10. Fuel consumption.  Will require additional fuel meters.  Calculate based on GPS (or speedometer) gallons per mile or gallons per hour.  NOTE: this is proving problematic to achieve as fuel-injection requires two sensors one feeding the injectors and the other return to the tank.  The problem is the return line is very low flow and hard to measure.  I am looking at pressure differential type measurements, but honestly, it’s a bit past my engineering skills.
  11. Fuel Pressure: (needs new pressure sensor) to alert you if the fuel pump is about to fail.
  12. Not yet designed: when at cruising speeds (50mph+ and throttle position steady +/- some percentage) it will lean out the mixture to save gas.
  13. And lastly: Keyless ignition via thumb print or RFID keyfob, this will, of course, offer an alarm that can sound and/or send a page to you w/in a set distance (say 1/2 mile away).

Project 2: Assisted Living!  I am hopeful that this leads to more work in this area.

My wife is a nurse and specializes in medically fragile children.  This often means her patients have limited movement, as well as inability to speak due to tracheotomy. The 1st (hopefully) in a series: Allows the patient to change TV channels on his own by wiggling shoulders (or other muscles) — wiggle left, channel up, wiggle right, channel down.  Will monitor volumes on two sides: Towards the TV will lower the volume if the new channel is louder than the last; hence normalizing the volume.  Also; will monitor towards the patient for equipment noise, more noise, higher volume.  This will be the 1st fully functional project out the door.

Project 3: Mailbox monitor  Will publish schematics and code.

We live rurally, and the mailbox is often out of sight or far away.  Sadly in our current place, we have meth heads that occasionally steal mail.  This project will work up to about 1/2 mile, use solar to recharge batteries — will let you know (display at your house) when the box was last open and if mail was left or taken (based on weight).  “version 2” will allow a two way intercom ie: so that you can be alerted if a signature is required.

Project 4: Fuel usage (May go commercial if anyone else things it’s worthwhile; otherwise, will publish schematics and code.

I have an old V8 truck.  I know there’s some sweet spot in the speed/throttle to optimize fuel usage.  This will monitor fuel usage and report miles per gallon…

Project 5: Analog to NMEA converter for boats  (Likely first commercial project)

A lot of boats use NMEA to allow electronics to communicate to each other.  While NMEA 2000 is largely undocumented, unless you want to spend $3000+ for the documentation.  NMEA 0814 on the other hand is documented, and there are gateways to convert the two.  What isn’t out there is an affordable way to convert analog (temperature, fuel level, oil pressure); this will do it — my price point is set to be under $50.00