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Arduino For sale…

I haven’t yet completed inventory, so contact me if you want to be updated when I have this all together.

I plan on using some sort of cart system so no duplicate sales happen.   I have a lot (really, a lot) of modules, boards, components, tools, etc.   I also have a good selection of OSH Park circuit boards: Projects that either I made one of, or never got to them, since I had to buy 3, usually that means you can have 1 board for a few pennies (postage + a “thanks”); Some are even grouped with all the parts needed (aka: A Kit).   Kits I plan on something like 10 cents for each discrete part, 50 cents for board & postage: so I am not making money — actually loosing; but they are doing me no good.

Almost all the components (resistors, transistors, etc) are well labeled and NEW (at most, they were put into a breadboard, and returned — they are all good).  I have about 20+ arduino (MPU) boards (mini, pro’s, uno’s, etc) — all new.

I have some tools (Digital storage scopes, logic analyzers, DMM’s, signal generator, etc) that I won’t need, and should go cheap.

With my failing health (pain, inability to sit/stand for too long, deteriorating eye site & tremors); I just can’t keep up with this; I started teaching myself electronics when I retired and quickly amassed a good deal of bits.

I will have a ‘buy all’, but I don’t think anything short of a school would want that.  I will not do ebay, but if you think something is too much; just tell me.

So for now, if you need something or want to be alerted when it’s all up and ready, contact me, and we’ll see what I have; or check back.

Thank you for understanding