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Kickstarter Love afair is over

I was a big fan of Kickstarter.  I tried some other (Indiegogo), but never got anywhere worthwhile.

I had fun feeling like I helped bring something to market — but that’s really all you’re doing — You aren’t really “backing” a project, you’re helping by pre-ordering something.  Unless you are the rare virtuous people that selects “No reward”. (I was not that generous except for Myoware.)

My love affair with KS is over.  I pride myself remembering a time before internet (iow: I was around for the birth of it) and never falling for a scam, web or email or phone based.  That is until now.  I backed a cool sounding project, but realised too late, that it was a scam.  The guy just finds other peoples projects, repackage it so it looks like he’s doing it & does a kickstarter campaign.  He never delivers.  I had some faith that the host (kickstarter) would do something about a scam; help get people’s money back, should a problem occur as blantant as a scam.  Sadly, I learned too late (after they took the money) to ‘cancel’ my pledge.  And I didn’t read the comments (there was one post warning it was a scam).  Sadly, Kickstarter doesn’t care — in fact, I never got a response from kickstarter regarding a solution.

So now, I don’t even visit crowd-funding sites.  It seems they are all flawed in that they don’t care if someone is scamming you “buyer beware”, and they happily take their cut & send a check to the scammer.

I am sure it’s 1% or less of all fundings that is a scam, but the fact that KS never even responded to me has led me to give up on future fundings, I simply cannot trust them anymore.  I have had better experiences on ebay (before it turned into a Chinese superstore) – you would have expected that people would “sell” you something and simply claim “lost in the mail” or string you along until ebay’s timeline has expired.  It’s the lack of response from kickstarter that has soured me, not so much that I was scammed, but that they wouldn’t even send an “I’m sorry” email…

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