Custom Software & More!


Thank you for visiting.  I am no longer providing paid-consulting or embedded prototypes/one-off (“Arduino”) projects.  I have trimmed most of the pages & posts.  For now, binaries (aka software) are still available (if you have the links), but this will change w/o notice.

I have consulted since 1986, and have done a lot of really fun things, software programming, systems programming, network programming, hardware design – I have worked all over, government, animal rights group, lived off the grid in a nature preserve while working for Philips semiconductor in Silicon valley.

It was a long-standing joke “I hate computers” — but I really do.  They are a tool, like a hammer, but they have become overwhelmingly integrated in people’s lives.  “Social Networking” does little for real social interaction, and definitely doesn’t encourage true social networking.  People are focused, not at each other or the surrounding environment, but down at a screen.  When you don’t see others & your environment, you don’t care what happens to it or those around you.  Computers are ushering in the decline of human civilization: those w/o computers will survive longer than those that are dependant on them.

Not sure how long I’ll keep jassing.com alive, so contact me if you need something, while you can; otherwise email me if you have that address.

Enjoy life while you can, live simply, and take care of those around you.